Dave Clay is an artist, musician, and engineer. He has been an invited artist at  the Seattle Erotic Art Festival as well as an Honorarium Grant Recipient for Burning Man. He has worked in many mediums including digital collage, metal, and large scale interactive sculpture.

As a figurative and landscape painter working primarily in oils, I aim to make empathic connections through atmospheric, textured, and distorted subjects. My work relies on recognizable subjects over pure abstraction, engendering emotional interpretations from the viewer’s own experiences. The artwork uses abstract elements open to interpretation for the viewer to create to their own relationships with the subjects.


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Visit the Studio

Equinox Studios - "The Factory"
Studio 109
6520 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA, USA

You can visit Dave Clay's studio at Equinox Studios during the Georgetown Art Attack, every second Saturday of the month.

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